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Limin' Professionals isn't just a global brand, it's a global community of professionals from multitudinous industries that finds its leisure from each others shared passions. For 16 years, we've emphasized that beyond stunning destinations and exceptional events, the real enrichment in life comes from the bonds we build with others. Human connection is a fundamental need ingrained in our DNA, manifested through shared laughter, stories, and lasting friendships during group regular meetups. These connections inspire and give meaning to our endeavours. By uniting people worldwide to engage in each other's life passions for travel, events and business, we fulfill this fundamental human need and create unforgettable soul-enriching experiences. Welcome to the family!


A Story of Strangers Turned Friends Becoming Family.


Since 1997, our CEO’s passion for connecting people in fun has and continues to resonate across the globe, ensuring all who engage have the best time every time and in so doing, make lifelong memories build lifelong relationships with like-minded people. “It’s what keeps us coming back for more” says a loyal client.


We are a community of professionals, once strangers, turned friends, becoming family - literally in some cases. Since 2009, this brand has connected people through shared passions for social, professional and global travel experiences. OUR community of 1,500+ and counting simply loves and therefore looks forward to every opportunity to be in each others’ company, whether the gathering be social or professional in nature, wherever in the world it may land. It’s safe to say that once you experience and actively engage in the Limin’ Professionals Community, you’re family - for life!

Limin' Professionals CEO and friends singing karaoke


It Started With Karaoke.

In 2007, when they heard he’d built the largest fan club for their Radio Morning Show, the hosts at 96.7 REDFM in Trinidad & Tobago invited Ron Victor, our CEO, to an on-air interview. At the close of the interview, Ron invited everyone to karaoke and drinks at 51 Degrees Bar & Lounge in Port of Spain. Little did he know, this invitation would be the catalyst to decades-long engagement from thousands of strangers turned friends.

The Story Behind the Name


LIMIN' (well-known in the Caribbean) encapsulates the many ways our community comes together. We are a diverse, vibrant global community of PROFESSIONALS spanning multitudinous industries and it’s the defining characteristic of how we show up and show out when we do come together. Limin’ Professionals was born.

16+ Years of Truly Organic Growth


With growing popularity and an impressive following across Trinidad & Tobago between 2007-2008, features on several news and social media sites drew additional interest from friends abroad. This sparked our first evolution into a Travel Concierge in 2008 with the launch of our Trinidad Carnival Packages. Over the 16 years that followed, our all-inclusive, VIP-style, custom-curated packages would become globally renowned, earning us the undisputed title of “The Most Professional Crew in Carnival.” The sold out trip is attended annually by an intentionally intimate max travel group size of 75-100 professionals per trip, with a 60% average client retention rate and has earned us a 5-star average satisfaction rating on Google Reviews. A schedule of local events and activities keeps the community connected in between trips.

Limin' Professionals Community Members


Work Life Balance: A Myth or a Reality?


In today's fast-paced world, where demands on our time seem never-ending, busy professionals find themselves constantly juggling work, family, and social commitments, leaving them with little time left to properly plan and enjoy aspects of their personal lives. Most are NOT actually experiencing the work-life balance they desperately desire.


Our Why: The Value of Community


Our business is one of creating opportunities for and facilitation of social connectedness, which defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is “the degree to which people have and perceive a desired number, quality, and diversity of relationships that create a sense of belonging, and being cared for, valued, and supported. Social connectedness influences our minds, bodies, and behaviors—all of which influence our health and life expectancy. Research shows that social connectedness can lead to longer life, better health, and improved well-being.” (Source:


This is why we're so passionate about what we do.

Our Vision​

Facilitating Social Connectedness


To facilitate an increasing level of social connectedness among our growing, global community of professionals through engaging, high-quality event and travel experiences.

Couple Friends


We Help Busy Professionals Achieve TRUE Work/Life Balance Through Luxury Travel & VIP Event Experiences


As a seasoned Event Management Company and an IATA-Accredited Travel Agency with over 20+ years experience, we continue to deliver seamless, high-quality VIP events and luxury travel experiences that allow our clients to fully engage stress and coordination-free, while building high-quality, meaningful connections that last a lifetime.


Join us at a local event, explore one of our many breathtaking global destinations with our travel group, invest in or acquire financing to start or grow a small business... all seamlessly and hassle-free with planning and coordination by Limin’ Professionals.


A People Connector, Uniquely Adept at Fostering Social Connectedness


Ron pioneered the inception, defining the brand essence, vision, and mission for Limin' Professionals, positioning it as the foremost luxury concierge for travel and exclusive experiences, garnering global acclaim, enthusiastic embrace, and profound respect. He's orchestrated the curation of an extensive network, cultivating relationships with over 1,500 discerning clients worldwide. As the principal strategist, he's orchestrated the creation and seamless execution of the annual, consistently sold-out Trinidad Carnival Experience for the past 16 years, hosting an impressive 100+ participants. During his tenure, Ron has spearheaded a myriad of unparalleled travel and entertainment encounters, meticulously fostering and sustaining partnerships with esteemed vendors spanning diverse industries, integral to the flawless execution of these extraordinary experiences.

Ronald Geoffrey Victor

Founder & CEO


Fostering An Environment of Continuous Collaboration


Limin' Professionals Luxury Concierge, LLC. has built a strong reputation for delivering seamless and unforgettable events. We achieve this by teaming up with the best in the industry. From top-rated hotels to exclusive catering companies and world-renowned entertainers, we work with businesses that share our commitment to quality and excellence. We take pride in our partnerships, which are carefully selected and cultivated to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best in every aspect of their event.