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Trinidad Carnival 2018 Through Our Eyes

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Beautiful woman in costume

When you marry two brands that are simply great at what they do individually, that partnership spawns nothing but excellence.

Limin' Professionals Luxury Concierge, a globally recognized Trinidad Carnival Concierge (among other things) continues to wow its International patrons at first with an innate sense of family, but when they touch down at any event, completely dominate, with pure exhilaration and an indescribable energy that emanates from its leadership to its clientele... an unmatched vibe.

Friends getting ready for J'Ouvert

With a partner, for 6 years and counting, as uniquely gifted as the internationally acclaimed photography titans, TEAMDWP, capturing the moments in UHD, this partnership over the years has not only completed one of the most uniquely structured Carnival packages, but offers an invaluable cultural experience and memorabilia like none other.

Always a work in progress, we are proud of the continuous evolution of this particular product, especially knowing that once it ends, the world gets to relive it through our eyes.

Enjoy our 2018 feature on the Jamaica Observer below!

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