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The Limin' Professionals Story.

...started with karaoke.

Limin' Professionals CEO singing karaoke.
Limin' Professionals CEO, Ron Victor, and friends singing karaoke (2007)

​In 2007 (back when my hair was on top of my head), when they heard I’d built the largest fan club for their Radio Morning Show, the hosts at 96.7 REDFM in Trinidad & Tobago invited me to a live on-air interview. At the close of the interview, since, members of the then Facebook group had never met in person, I invited them all to karaoke and drinks at 51 Degrees Bar & Lounge in Port of Spain. Little did I know, this invitation would be the catalyst to decades-long engagement from thousands of strangers turned friends.

The Story Behind the Name

LIMIN' (well-known in the Caribbean) encapsulates the many ways our community comes together. We are a diverse, vibrant global community of PROFESSIONALS spanning multitudinous industries and it’s the defining characteristic of how we show up and show out when we do come together. Limin’ Professionals was born.

15+ Years of truly Organic Growth

With growing popularity and an impressive following across Trinidad & Tobago between 2007-2008, features on several news and social media sites drew additional interest from friends abroad. This sparked our first evolution into a Travel Concierge in 2008 with the launch of our Trinidad Carnival Packages. Over the 16 years that followed, our all-inclusive, VIP-style, custom-curated packages would become globally renowned, earning us the undisputed title of “The Most Professional Crew in Carnival.”

The sold out trip is attended annually by an intentionally intimate max travel group size of 75-100 professionals per trip, with a 60% average client retention rate and has earned us a 5-star average satisfaction rating on Google Reviews. In between trips for the remainder of the year, a calendar of local events and activities keeps the community connected.

With the recent completion of our rebrand and the work going on behind the scenes building new partnership that allow us to offer so many more options for leisure and travel, we're EXCITED about the brand's future - and we invite every single one of you to come along with us on this new journey of global exploration and social connectedness!

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