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Your go-to source for expert travel advice, destination highlights, and practical strategies for balancing a busy lifestyle.

What We Offer

Updated: Jan 26

Who We Are

Limin' Professionals isn't just a brand, it's a global community of professionals from multitudinous industries that finds their leisure from each others shared passions.

Our Community

For 16 years, we've emphasized that beyond stunning destinations and exceptional events, the real enrichment in life comes from the bonds we build with others. Human connection is a fundamental need ingrained in our DNA, manifested through shared laughter, stories, and lasting friendships during group travel and meals. These connections inspire and give meaning to our adventures. By uniting people worldwide to engage in each other's life passions, travel, and business, we fulfill this fundamental human need and create unforgettable soul-enriching experiences.

Effortless Travel Planning with Our Luxury Travel Agency

Group Vacation Packages

Our all-inclusive group travel packages take our clients to destinations across the globe, complete with hotel booking, flight booking, itinerary planning and transportation. We take the hassle of coordination chaos of managing multiple people, personalities and preferences away so travelers can fully immerse in the experience.

Family Vacation Packages

With our family vacation packages, we meticulously plan family-friendly itineraries, select accommodations with comfort and safety in mind, and arrange activities that cater to all age groups. We believe that family time is precious, and our mission is to help you make the most of it. Family reunions, milestone birthdays and anniversaries. We got you covered.

Business Travel

Streamline your business travel experience with packaged flights, hotels, and transportation, ensuring stress-free journeys for your team.

Team Travel

Our team travel planning takes the hassle of coordination chaos of managing players, parents and supporters away so supporters and especially the staff and team can focus on what matters, the game.

Virgin Voyages Cruise Vacation Packages

As an Official Virgin Voyages First Mate, we'll not only get you aboard, but ensure you have received every deal or discount possible. We can also get you early access to shore excursions & activities, restaurant reservations and more AHEAD of your scheduled cruise. No lines. No wait lists.

Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Travel Planning & Management

Make your dream destination wedding a reality without the stress of coordinating travel plans for your cherished guests. Our travel planning services specialize in creating seamless experiences for brides and grooms, ensuring that your loved ones can fully immerse themselves in the joy of your special day.

Membership in a Community of Like-Minded Professionals

Exclusive benefits are a click away.

  1. A World of Possibilities: Enjoy complimentary access to a vast network of like-minded travel enthusiasts, professionals, and experts spanning the globe.

  2. Tailored Travel Resources: Receive curated travel guides, insider tips, and personalized recommendations designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

  3. Exclusive Events: Indulge in our community's signature events, from virtual meetups to in-person gatherings, fostering connections that go beyond borders.

  4. Professional Development: Expand your horizons with travel-themed workshops and webinars, combining your passion for exploration with valuable insights for personal and professional growth.

  5. Member-Only Offers: Gain priority access to exclusive travel deals, discounts, and partnerships, ensuring your journeys are not only enriching but also cost-effective.


Small Business Financing, Process Optimization & Collaboration

Friends & Family Investment

We'll help finance your startup or business growth. Friends and Family Investment is more than just a financial transaction; it's a partnership built on trust, collaboration, and shared dreams. It's about bringing together individuals and businesses who believe in each other's potential and are committed to each other's success.

Become a Friends & Family Investor

Join our pool of Friends & Family Investors as we invest in small businesses we believe in for attractive returns on investment and/or equity in their business.

Elevate your business to new heights.

We understand the importance of strategic partnerships in fostering growth. Our dedicated team specializes in connecting businesses with like-minded suppliers, optimizing operations, and crafting collaborative events that leave a lasting impact. Let us be your trusted partner in driving success through meaningful connections. Explore endless possibilities for growth, efficiency, and innovation – where partnerships flourish and opportunities abound. Your success story starts and/or evolves here.


Stylish, Custom Lifestyle Apparel

Step out in style

Step out in custom apparel by Limin' Professionals. Made for all ages.

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