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And The Road March 2024 Will Be...

Updated: Jan 27

Road March 2024 will be the musical composition played most often at judging points along the parade route during Trinidad Carnival.

We're Calling It For 2024

I've seen this performed live, heard it blaring on the concert setup at Xperience Fete on Jan 20, 2024 and watched the crowd response. I won't even mention the goosebumps that appeared when Bunji started performing it live. Take a listen to our Road March 2024 pick.

Do You Agree?

Post your own pick in the comments and check back for the ongoing poll!

What song is your Road March pick for Trinidad Carnival 2024?

  • 0%"Carnival Contract" - Bunji Garlin

  • 0%"Document We" - Kerwin DuBois & Shal Marshal

  • 0%"Best Self" - Nailah Blackman & Lyrikal

  • 0%"DNA" - Mical Teja

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