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Strangers, Friends, Family: The Story of Limin' Professionals

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

A community of friends
A growing, global community of friends and collaborators.

It all started as a group of strangers, professionals across multiple industries, recognizing each other at a variety of events and activities for adults (singles and couples), kids and families all across Trinidad and Tobago. That group of strangers (including me) soon became friends, and increasingly really good friends.

We figured we would start planning which events and activities around the country, even across the Caribbean, we would participate in together since we enjoyed each other's company so much. When we showed up, the energy and vibe of the event always went to the next level - so much so, other attendees (strangers) always gravitated to our group, stayed and then joined us from the next one forward. The cycle kept repeating itself until we were showing up 75-100 people strong to an event. The positive energy we brough to each outing got us notoriety with the hot ticket events on the island, even with the media and earned us exclusive discounts to show up and show out.

The more we got out together, the more our bonds grew. I honestly met some of my closest friends todate through this organization, even my best friend turned wife!

I knew there was something there 16 years ago, as somehow I always ended up being the planner among my group, the negotiator with the promoters and other business entities and then the manager on the day, ensuring everyone's end to end experience was seamless, always top notch and that everyone had the best time of their lives... repeat. All they had to do was show up.

What started as a group of "professional limers" became the organized chaos of Limin' Professionals, a side hustle from 2007 until Mon Sep 18, 2023. WIth continuous evolution, Limin' Professionals became a globally recognized and most importantly, trusted brand, connecting like-minded, mature adults residing in over 25 countries and meeting in 8 countries and counting, through events and travel.

We're now organically expanding into business to business collaboration, networking events and relationship management, friends and family financing and an entire lifestyle apparel collection, officially fulfilling needs requests made by members of our global family. Who said you entrepreneurship couldn't be fun too?

Welcome home. 🥂

How long have you been in the Limin' Professionals community? Do you remember?! Share a memory and/or photo!

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Tiffany D
Tiffany D
20 set 2023
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First year 2014♥️:

Me: OMG, I'm so excited to see my costume!

Me: Wow this headpiece is amazing!

Me: Wait, what am I supposed to do with this?

Them: This is all the material, make it work. 🤣

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Ron Victor
Ron Victor
20 set 2023
Risposta a

Hahahah! I remember that exact moment lol. You had to go try that thing on before leaving JUST to make sure lol

Mi piace
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