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No More Trinidad Carnival?!

Updated: Apr 10

A Pivotal Shift Toward Embracing The Rich Tapestry of Global Cultures

"As the CEO of a Luxury Travel Agency, I have to understand the evolving needs of our busy, professional clientele. As their lives evolve & leisure needs change, so must we evolve our offerings to suit."

Limin' Professionals CEO and clients at Trinidad Carnival
Limin' Professionals CEO & a portion of the 100 members of the 2024 Encore Tour

Transitioning from the beloved Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Experience after 16 remarkable years marks a pivotal shift towards embracing the rich tapestry of global cultures. Let's explore the significance of broadening travel options for both our business and clients.

Limin' Professionals CEO at Trinidad Carnival

Trinidad Carnival Thank Yous

Thank You For a Trusting Us with this Historic Experience!

To the LARGEST EVER & Most Professional Crew in Carnival, I want to send a personal thank you for trusting us with your Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Experience, the last of our 16-Year Carnival series. Officially, welcome to our Limin' Professionals Luxury Concierge global family!

I hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane as much as I did and cherish the images for life!

Now that you’ve actually had the experience with LP, I would love for you to leave us an HONEST review on our Google Business page here: Don’t be afraid to use your fancy new photos in the review!

Shout out to my team who made it possible over the past two decades:

  • Acacia de Verteuil, my local head of operations on the ground

  • Christophe Brathwaite, my local attorney

  • Dwayne Watkins & the TeamDWP Photography Team for the amazing captures

  • My 2024 Engagement Team: Von Mitchell, Shantel Grant, Nikeitha Thomas, Amanda & Marlon Sheppard

  • Special mention again to Crystal Brown for sacrificing her own vacation, volunteering to & taking over the entire operation, managing the full 2-week experience for over 60 persons in 2016 when on just my second day on the island, preparing for the group's arrival, I lost my beloved mom and had to return to the US.

Shout out to our dedicated partners:

Limin' Professionals CEO and clients at Trinidad Carnival
Limin' Professionals CEO & a portion of the 100 members of the 2024 Encore Tour

Elevating Luxury Travel: Expanding Global Horizons

Why We're Dedicated to Increasing Travel Options for Our Clientele, the Busy Professional

Effective immediately, we're expanding our global travel options to offer you world class, packaged luxury travel experiences. Here's why:

1. Cultural Immersion: Expanding travel options enables our clients to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, fostering personal growth and global perspective.

2. Enriched Experiences: We're offering a wider array of destinations unlocks unique experiences, from exploring ancient ruins to savoring culinary delights from around the world.

3. Enhanced Networking Opportunities: Global travel opens doors to new connections and business opportunities, facilitating networking with individuals from various industries and backgrounds.

4. Increased Brand Visibility: Diversifying our travel portfolio enhances brand recognition and appeal, positioning our agency as a leader in luxury travel experiences worldwide, further increasing the quality and range of options potentially available to you.

5. Adaptability to Trends: Staying abreast of evolving travel preferences ensures our agency remains relevant and responsive to the dynamic needs of our clientele, fostering longer-term loyalty.

The Benefit to You, Our Loyal Clients

1. Unparalleled Exploration: Our clients gain access to a world of exploration, indulging in diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences tailored to their preferences.

2. Seamless Planning: Our all-inclusive luxury travel planning services ensure a stress-free experience, allowing clients to simply show up and immerse themselves fully in the adventure.

3. Personalized Experiences: With an expanded portfolio of destinations, our clients can indulge in bespoke itineraries crafted to fulfill their unique interests and desires.

4. Cultural Enrichment: Experiencing a variety of global cultures broadens perspectives, enriches lives, and fosters a deeper appreciation for the world's diversity.

5. Memorable Connections: Our clients forge meaningful connections and lifelong memories as they explore new horizons and engage with fellow travelers from around the globe.

In embracing the boundless possibilities of global travel, our Luxury Travel Agency embarks on a journey of discovery, offering your discerning clientele unparalleled experiences that transcend borders and inspire the soul.

Ghanaian man performing

Our Group Trip to Ghana (2025)

The MOST culturally-immersive travel experience we've ever curated

A 10-day tour of Ghana, visiting Accra, Kumasi, traditional villages, the former slave dungeon at Cape Coast, Aburi Botanical Gardens, Ada, and more, including a bit of shopping, rest & relaxation. Travelers will also have an opportunity to give back through our partnerships.

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