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Business Networking: The Key to our Operations Success

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Business networking is the key to our operations success.

To do our work, Limin' Professionals Luxury Concierge NEEDS other mission-aligned businesses to be successful. In order to offer the highest quality service our luxury travel clientele expects, the FIRST place I look for the potential partners is my well-curated business directory:

On Monday, one of my XL-sized projects begins and I will be working with some returning collaborators, but looking to bring on new partners to help me deliver something special.

This business networking opportunity will not only give our partners an instant high-grossing sale, but will provide INTERNATIONAL visibility and an opportunity to for a long-term collaborative relationship with us on similar projects. Stay tuned for more details on MONDAY! Spread the word... or this post, whichever.

In the meantime, are you listed... or nah? 😉

Business Networking Ad

Finding the Right Partners Can Be Challenging

Need help finding the right set of businesses to collaborate with on your next project, complete with project management support? Let's talk.

As a business owner what's your biggest challenge when it comes to collaborating with other businesses on mission-aligned projects? Select all that apply.

  • 0%Finding quality products and/or services that fit the idea

  • 0%Coordination time and effort (Project Management)

  • 0%Lead time getting products delivered

  • 0%The dependency on less motivated partners (Urgency)

You can vote for more than one answer.

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