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Our 16-Year Trinidad Carnival Experience Ends with "Encore."

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

"It's been an amazing run," says Ronald G. Victor, CEO.
Masqueraders at Trinidad Carnival 2020

It has been an honor

Limin' Professionals has been your premier, trusted, luxury event management & concierge service with 20+ years of experience connecting extraordinary people. Since 2008, we've watched as strangers become friends and turn family... literally in some cases.

We've had the honor and pleasure of connecting hundreds, if not thousands of patrons from all walks of life and from all over the globe to share in and experience each other's passions. T&T Carnival has been just one of those shared passions, a prominent one at that.

THANK YOU to each and every one of our LP Family Members for your loyalty, support & friendship for the past 15 years. Special mention, of course, goes out to Acacia de Verteuil who has played an integral role in the success of this trip.

The end of an era

Our 2020 "Legacy Tour" was meant to be the final offering in this series, however, one week after returning to our homelands, COVID literally shut the globe down for 2+ years. Because of this, members of our global family fervently requested that we give them just ONE more of these opportunities to indulge in the culture, sounds, cuisine and high-energy atmosphere that my homeland, Trinidad & Tobago, offers like no other can during Carnival. We agreed that there was no better way to "recover" so we obliged, hence the name, "The Encore Tour." THIS ONE, however, will be our last.

What's next for Limin' Professionals?

As with everything in life, we continue to evolve. On completion of the Encore Tour in February, 2024, we immediately transition to our Global Exploration Tours. There's so much world to see, untouched by the "Spirit of LP:TS."

We're a Family of friends that love to travel. We package the details so as usual, you just have to show up and have the time of your life. Past LP:TS Explore Tours have taken us to Jamaica (2014), Dominican Republic (2015), The Bahamas (2016) and most recently Dubai (2019). We're excited and look forward to continuing to offer these all-inclusive, high-quality, experiences to members of our LP Family as we explore the globe together.

Interested in being part of the final "Encore?"

For those interested in joining the Limin' Professionals Family in Feb 2024, sign up TODAY at

Packages launch on Sat Mar 4, 2023 for existing LP Family Members & Friends and Sat Mar 11 for the public.

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