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We currently have 4 packages available. First pay, first get. Message Ron by clicking the link below for more information.

Trinidad Carnival Travel Group

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Carnival in Trinidad, like none other, offers an all-encompassing opportunity for global travel, cultural experiences & high-energy events and an authentic Caribbean culinary experience, all packaged into one hassle-free vacation. Limin' Professionals Luxury Concierge is a well-established, premier, trusted, luxury travel & VIP Trinidad Carnival Concierge service with 20+ years experience delivering incomparably well-curated, upscale, high-quality, hassle-free travel packages for our travel group.

Trinidad Carnival Travel Group

The Encore Tour 2024 All-Inclusive Package

Our All-inclusive Trinidad Carnival 2024 Packages

WIth many combo options available to our travel group, package dates vary between Tuesday 6 February, 2024 - Friday 16 February 2024.

Trinidad Carnival 2024 Dates

Monday 12 February, 2024 - Tuesday 13 February, 2024.

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