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Tropical Beach

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VicTorain Family Meetup 2024

An Exploration of Trinidad and Tobago


Because of COVID, Danielle and Ron couldn't have the wedding they would have wanted and chose to get married at the courthouse in Baltimore. Since the opportunity for both families to come together in celebration was also lost, they've always planned to unite the families as soon as the opportunity presented itself. That time has come!

Travel Dates

Wed 31 Jul, 2024 - Sun 04 Aug, 2024.

All-inclusive Trinidad Travel Packages

There will be a series of accommodation options for this trip Stay tuned for launch of the packages.

VicTorain Family Meetup (Trinidad & Tobago)
VicTorain Family Meetup (Trinidad & Tobago)
Jul 31, 2024, 12:00 AM EDT
Port of Spain
The Victor and Torain Families meet!
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