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Trinidad Carnival Masquerader Must-Haves!

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Last Minute Shopping Considerations Before You Leave for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Masqueraders walking through Queen's Park Savannah
Masqueraders walking through Queen's Park Savannah

If you have packed, you may have missed these. If you haven't started packing, you might have one last run to your favourite department stores before you get on your flight. Here is our list of Trinidad Carnival Masquerader Must-Haves.

A Surge Protector

If you have alot of electronics, it would be a good idea to get a surge protector with several outlets. Bed Bath & Beyond has a really good combo pack that comes with a 6-port, flat adapter that turns the normal 2 plug into a 6-plug AND has an extension chord. This comes in VERY handy especially if you have room-mates. Sockets go FAST!

Sunblock, Chapstick, Shades

These are going to be important on the road for all the sun we'll be exposed to, especially on the road Carnival Mon and Tue

Headache Pills and Flu Meds

One of these is very likely to hit you, especially those coming from Northeast USA and parts of the world where the weather change is going to be tremendous. The average temp in Trinidad is 80 degrees F during carnival FYI... or hotter.

Insoles for your Sneakers

You will be on your feet ALOT for the 2 days on the road. As much comfort as you can add to your sneakers will help greatly.

Baby Oil

Before J'Ouvert, we recommend everyone rub your entire body down with baby oil. It helps wash the mud off a lot easier. Ladies you definitely want to cover your hair. Some females wear a shower cap with a bandana over it.

Print Your Band Receipt

You will need this to collect your costume if you're doing so yourself. Make sure to take a VALID (not expired) ID with you on the day to collect

Sewing Kit

Some bands DO NOT do alterations. The unfortunate part about playing mas is that you have to make a decision on your costume, and the related sizes almost 9 months before. Some who are in the middle of workouts for those 9 months experience size changes that will require costume alterations. Check with your band to see if they do alterations, If not, you're on you're own where that's concerned.

Cell Phone Arm-Bands

This is similar to what runners use to slide their cell phones into while jogging so they can listen to music etc. Those come in handy but are a bit of a safety concern. Use at your own risk as it is easy for thieves to grab and go.

Emergency Contact

Make sure your group leader or members within your crew have all the contact information for an emergency contact back home they can reach in the event something happens to you.

Medical Info Card(s)

If you have medical conditions you think may arise while you're in Trinidad for carnival, keep the information on you somewhere that can be found easily. Don't write an essay or anything like that! But simple information on a business card size document (maybe a few of those) that will help a doctor diagnose you quickly. You'll never believe how many doctors are at each event and can assist. Red Cross Blood Type cards are a good addition as well.

Did we miss anything?! Feel free to suggest additions in the comments section below.



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