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Limin' Professionals isn't just a brand, it's a global community of professionals from multitudinous industries that finds their leisure from each others shared passions. For 16 years, we've emphasized that beyond stunning destinations and exceptional events, the real enrichment in life comes from the bonds we build with others. Human connection is a fundamental need ingrained in our DNA, manifested through shared laughter, stories, and lasting friendships during group travel and meals. These connections inspire and give meaning to our adventures. By uniting people worldwide to engage in each other's life passions, travel, and business, we fulfill this fundamental human need and create unforgettable soul-enriching experiences.

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Limin' Professionals Luxury Concierge is a well-established, premier, luxury travel agency and group travel specialist with 20+ years experience delivering incomparably well-curated, upscale, high-quality, hassle-free travel packages for our own travel group & bespoke travel packages for singles, couples & groups of all sizes.

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